Hello, my name is Faruk

I'm a Developer Designer Freelancer

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer with extensive experience for over 11 years. My expertise is to create and design Websites, Apps, Mockups and many more...

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About Me

I am a Full-Stack Web Developer

My name is Omar Faruk. I am a freelancer and I have been building noteworthy websites for 11 years. For this time i've done all types of projects.

I help convert a vision and an idea into meaningful and useful products. Having a sharp eye for product evolution helps me prioritize tasks, iterate fast and deliver faster. If you're interested in working with me, don't hesitate to hire me.

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Services I offer to my clients!

Website Review

I make sure that your website is performing its best by thoroughly reviewing it before making any changes. I look for potential issues that a user may encounter, big or small, and suggest ways to improve it to make sure your user is always on track to achieve their goals.

Business Strategy

We discuss what you are trying to achieve and plan on how to achieve it on your website. For example, a product may use a small website for initial customer collection which may later be turned into a larger website through lead-to-go. We help to improve your business.

User Experience Design

I design your website to be as easy to use as possible while directing users towards the ultimate goal. Putting the user experience first, whether they want to subscribe, try to contact you or just collect information, will ensure that more loyal users increase long-term sales.

Web Development

Whether you want a simple flexible website, a custom storefront, or a SaaS product, I set your goals. I focus on making it easy to work with websites so that your team has complete control, and maintain code for easy updates.

Fully Responsive

Almost every client wants a responsive website. Responsive web design is about creating web pages that look good on all devices. A responsive web design will automatically adjust for different screen sizes and viewports.

Ongoing Support

Your website is always growing. Whether you're adding new features or improving, I'm here to help. I will not leave you to guess how your own website works and will always be available to answer any of your questions.

Let's Work Together!

I am available for freelance projects. Hire me and get your project done.

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